Safety Training for Scaffolding

The use of scaffolding often requires workers to do their jobs at extreme heights. It's crucial that companies provide safe scaffolding equipment for their crews — and that every employee understands how to use it correctly.   Practical, relevant safety training is important for raising awareness and preventing mishaps that could result in severe accidents and injuries.

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Elements of Scaffold Safety Training

International Equipment has developed our training programs to meet all relevant guidelines to be in compliance.  OSHA has established a set of training requirements for companies that use scaffolds, as well as the workers who perform their job duties on scaffolding equipment. IE’s training programs include the following:

  • Fall protection
  • City of Chicago swing stage user
  • Swing stage builder
  • Swing stage competent person
  • Frame scaffold user
  • Frame scaffold builder
  • System scaffold user
  • System scaffold builder
  • System scaffold competent person
  • Safe methods for handling materials while using scaffolding

The Importance of Safety and OSHA Compliance on the Job Sitechurch restoration scaffolding from International Equipment - drone shot showing steeple in scaffolding

While scaffolding is often essential for tasks that require working at elevation, it does pose various risks to workers. The implementation of stringent safety protocols regarding the setup and use of scaffolding equipment minimizes hazards such as:

  • Falls: A fall from a scaffold can occur due to a lack of or improperly installed guardrails or the failure to use required fall arrest systems. The lack of safe access to the work platform is another contributing factor in many falls. Scaffolding safety training should make fall protection a top priority to minimize the risk of severe injuries or deaths.
  • Collapses: Something as simple — and preventable — as one missing plank from a scaffolding platform can cause the structure to collapse. Proper scaffold erector training helps to ensure the implementation of appropriate and safe construction processes. Factors to consider include the weight of people and materials the platform must accommodate, the weight of the structure itself and the nature of the project.
  • Falling objects: Materials and tools that fall from scaffolding platforms pose a significant danger to workers underneath the structure and passersby on the ground. Comprehensive scaffolding safety training must include the correct use of netting and toe boards to prevent objects from descending. Training should also cover "situational awareness" to make sure that workers underneath a scaffold remain alert.
  • Electrocution: Working on scaffolding near power lines increases the risk of accidental electrocution. Training should cover the importance of preplanning to ensure a safe distance between the scaffold and any potential electrical hazards, as well as coordinating the project with the utility company.

Complying with all applicable OSHA scaffold training is paramount. OSHA stipulates that employers must provide certification training for all workers who use scaffolding. The training should encompass topics like the nature of the hazards and proper handling of materials while on the scaffold. It must also cover the correct procedures for erecting, dismantling, moving, inspecting and maintaining the scaffolding equipment.

Why Choose Our Safety Training Services? church scaffolding restoration shot from wide angle perspective at street level

When you select International Equipment as your safety training services provider, you work with a company with more than 20 years of relevant scaffolding industry expertise. We cover all the general requirements of scaffolding to ensure compliance with OSHA safety regulations. We also provide personalized training so that your workers know what to do — and not to do — at the job site. You'll get peace of mind knowing you're doing everything possible to protect your workforce and avoid costly fines and penalties.

Our Dedication to Continued Partnerships With Our Clients

Our scaffolding safety training exemplifies our commitment to being a full-service solutions provider. We offer a wide range of high-quality scaffolding products to meet any job site requirement. We can also supply the labor for your erecting or dismantling project. We're available 24/7 to provide emergency support when needed. We'll even come to your site to conduct an assessment and recommend the right equipment for your project.

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As a full-service scaffolding equipment provider with years of experience, International Equipment, Inc. takes safety as seriously as our customers do. We offer safety training that will help your workers continue to learn and develop their understanding of how to best use/build and be safe on scaffolding. Give us a call at 1-800-675-3231 to learn more.