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Safety Training

The use of scaffolding often requires workers to do their jobs at extreme heights. It's crucial that companies provide safe scaffolding equipment for their crews — and that every employee understands how to use it correctly.   Practical, relevant safety training is important for raising awareness and preventing mishaps that could result in severe accidents and injuries.

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Elements of Scaffold Safety Training

International Equipment has developed our training programs to meet all relevant guidelines to be in compliance.  OSHA has established a set of training requirements for companies that use scaffolds, as well as the workers who perform their job duties on scaffolding equipment. IE’s training programs include:

  • Fall protection
  • City of Chicago Swing Stage user
  • Swing stage builder
  • Swing stage competent person
  • Frame Scaffold user
  • Frame scaffold builder
  • System Scaffold user
  • System scaffold builder
  • System scaffold competent person
  • Safe methods for handling materials while using scaffolding

Contact IE for Safety Training Assistance Today

As a full-service scaffolding equipment provider with years of experience, International Equipment, Inc. takes safety as seriously as our customers do. We offer safety training that will help your workers continue to learn and develop their understanding of how to best use/build and be safe on scaffolding. Give us a call at 1-800-675-3231 to learn more.