Maintaining structural stability is crucial when executing construction, excavation, renovation or demolition projects. Shoring equipment provides essential support for walls, columns, floors, roofs and beams and prevents them from collapsing.

industrial scaffolding constructed for a large warehouse - International Equipment
scaffolding system shown in use with an old brick building restoration - International Equipment
cuplock scaffolding system shown in a rooftop crawl space for a building restoration project - International Equipment
cuplock scaffolding system shown supporting the roof of an underground parking garage

Benefits of Shoring Equipment

Using shoring equipment offers many job site benefits:

  • Helps create a safer work environment for your crews
  • Minimizes the likelihood of costly project delays due to collapsing structures
  • Saves time and labor with fast, easy installation
  • Gives you peace of mind and enables you to focus on other aspects of your projects

Make IE Your Shoring Headquarters

If you're looking for high-quality, reliable shoring equipment for your projects, you've come to the right place. International Equipment, Inc. is an experienced scaffolding and shoring provider that offers custom solutions for every customer. We're a medium-sized company that is responsive to your needs and delivers fast results, regardless of the size or scope of the job.

Over the years, IE has gained extensive knowledge of the industries we serve. We have a successful track record of providing reliable, cost-effective scaffolding and shoring solutions for applications such as general contracting, painting, roofing, demolition and many others. Our combination of experience and expertise has made IE the choice of notable organizations like the Archdiocese of Chicago, State Farm Insurance and Belfor USA.

Your One-Stop Shoring Shop

Unlike many of our competitors, IE is a full-service provider that can do it all for our customers. We conduct site visits to gain a better understanding of what a project entails — and which equipment is best suited for the job. If you need help with planning, we'll be happy to offer our expertise.

If you need reliable labor to assist with installation, modification or disassembly, we can supply the right people for the task. We'll even pick up and deliver materials and assist you with the permit acquisition process.

Safety Is Our Goal

At IE, safety is the primary focus of everything we do. We've established an impressive safety record over our many years in business. Safety training is another area of expertise. We'll help your crews meet certification requirements to ensure they're qualified to work on movable structures like swing stages and rolling towers, as well as the immovable structures often used in large shoring jobs.

Contact Us for Your Next Shoring Project

If you're ready to purchase shoring equipment, give IE a call at 1-800-675-3231 to discuss your project today. Feel free to contact us online for a free quote.

church restoration with scaffolding from International Equipment - close in view, drone footage