Protective Canopies

Construction sites pose a variety of potential hazards to pedestrians. Protective canopies, help create a safer environment for workers and passersby.

In many areas, building owners must erect protective canopies before starting construction, renovation or demolition projects when the work presents a dangerous condition to the public.

Benefits of IE Protective Canopies

  • Engineered designs approved for use in the City of Chicago
  • Configurations include Rolling and fixed City of Chicago sidewalk designs
  • Light duty critical inspection sidewalk canopy
  • New construction sites with engineered shoring systems for trailer support
  • Concrete jersey barrier walls

International Equipment, Inc: Your Protection Canopy Provider

If you need protective canopies for your construction project, make your first call to International Equipment, Inc.

IE can respond quickly to the needs of our customers, even during emergencies. Unlike many of our larger competitors, we're able to tailor our product and service offerings to deliver custom results for every project.

Our Capabilities

As a customer-focused scaffolding provider, IE offers a host of services:

  • On-site visits and consultations to ensure you have everything you require to get the canopy you need
  • Free, no-obligation project quotes
  • Access to qualified labor to build, disassemble or modify your structure
  • Assistance with acquiring permits if necessary
  • Engineering
  • Material pickup and delivery service


We Pay Close Attention to Safety

Safety precautions are essential in our industry to protect workers and pedestrians, as well as for compliance purposes. At IE, we adhere to every applicable safety and quality standard. We'll help you create the safest work environment possible and minimize your liability concerns.

Safety training is another focus area at IE. We'll help you and your crews attain the certifications required to work on movable and immovable structures at heights. You'll be confident that your team knows how to use the equipment correctly, which minimizes the risk of worksite accidents and injuries.

Learn More About Protective Canopies

Do you want more information about sidewalk canopies and how they can make your job sites safer? Give the experienced pros at International Equipment, Inc. a call today at 1-800-675-3231 to discuss your needs. Feel free to contact us online to request more information.