Fall Prevention & Protection

IE is proud to partner with some of the top safety equipment manufacturers. Today’s systems utilize the latest technology to adapt to any site condition.  These designs reduce installation/maintenance time, meet or exceed OSHA baseline requirements and have modular designs which can setup where needed. Deploying effective perimeter protection solutions reduces the risk and helps create a safer, more productive work environment. In addition, perimeter protection is essential for meeting the increasingly stringent OSHA safety requirements.

These adjustable guardrail panels attach quickly and easily to several different mounting that acts as a passive fall prevention mechanism. They allow your crews to work at the edge of a roof or elevated structure with no concerns about falling off or accidentally dropping the equipment.

Benefits of Using modular guard rail panel for Perimeter Protection

Modular guard rail panel systems offer several valuable benefits:

  • Fast, easy setup assisted by a specially designed base for versatile installation options
  • Increases worker safety by guard railing around fall hazards
  • Rugged construction meets safety requirements and enhances durability
  • Serves as a protective barrier to keep unauthorized personnel out when the site is unoccupied

Personnel safety netting and debris containment

Using personnel safety netting to limit falls and contain debris is a smart solution to protect workers and the public from injury.  Netting systems can cantilever or span openings at sites.

Benefits of Using Personnel Fall Protection and Debris Containment netting systems

  • Netting can be for fall protection, debris containment or both in one net
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Boost to worker morale when working near fall protection and debris netting






Your One-Stop Shop for Perimeter and Fall Protection

As a leading provider of scaffolding and fall protection solutions, International Equipment, Inc. can provide the right product for your requirements. Over our many years in business, we've served companies in a broad range of industries.

IE is a medium-sized company that takes pride in being responsive to the needs of our customers. Because of our years of industry experience and the expertise of our staff, we're able to deliver custom equipment that solves a unique problem for our customers. We can respond more quickly than our larger competitors, especially in an emergency.

Our Services

Another area where IE stands out is our full range of service offerings. We'll conduct an on-site consultation to ensure you're getting the right equipment for your project. If you don't have access to professional labor for constructing, dismantling or modifying your perimeter and fall protection structure, we'll be happy to supply it for you.

Safety Is Our Mission at IE

Safety is front and center in everything we do at IE. Our insistence on adhering to the highest quality standards is why we've established such an impressive safety record over the years. If your crews need certification training to get qualified to work on certain types of movable and immovable structures, we can help with that, too.

Learn More About Our Protection Solutions

Feel free to give the experts at International Equipment, Inc. a call at 1-800-675-3231 to discuss your project in more detail. Contact us online for additional information.

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