Cuplock Scaffolding

A Cuplock scaffold is often the best solution for your scaffold needs; it combines strength, flexibility and simplicity, making it one of the most versatile types of scaffolding equipment. What differentiates Cuplock from other scaffolding systems lies in its unique circular node locking design which allows up to four horizontals to be connected to a vertical member in a single fastening action.  The cuplock system has no wedges to loosen, no bolts to tighten each node is locked in place with a single fastening action making cuplock one of the easiest, fastest scaffolds to install.

Cuplok locking system

The Advantages of Using Cuplock Scaffolding

Using Cuplock scaffolding can improve the results in a wide variety of construction, renovation and maintenance applications. Benefits include:

  • Easy to install design reduces scaffolding installation time
  • Continuous, unobstructed work platforms increase safety
  • Locking node design ensures No-maintenance scaffolding system saves labor and eliminates unproductive downtime
  • Flexibility enables you to form-fit the scaffolding around structures and into hard-to-reach areas
  • Offers shoring and formwork configurations for substantial load-bearing applications
  • Easy to handle and store when not in use
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Your One-Stop Shop for Cuplock Scaffolding

International Equipment, Inc. can provide high-quality Cuplock scaffolding for your company. We have years of experience providing scaffolding equipment that will work for your business and applications — and fit your budget. As a medium-sized company, we're responsive to the needs of every customer, even during emergencies.

Our experience, combined with the extensive knowledge of the industries we serve, enables us to offer custom scaffolding solutions. We've become a trusted source for painters, general contractors, carpenters, masons and anyone else who makes their living working at heights.

Full Range of Scaffolding Services

At IE, we support our Cuplock scaffolding and other equipment offerings with a comprehensive menu of services:

  • No-obligation on-site consultations
  • Assistance with project planning
  • Pickup and delivery, including same or next-day delivery in emergencies
  • Access to qualified labor for help with installation, dismantling and modifications
  • Help with attaining project permits
  • Rental and sale of scaffolding materials and accessories
church restoration with scaffolding from International Equipment - close in view, drone footage

We Comply with All Safety Standards

Helping our customers create safer worksites is important to everyone at IE. We're proud of the stellar safety record we've accumulated over the years. Every product we sell consists of superior materials that can withstand the most challenging environments. You can use them with total confidence at your job sites.

If you need scaffolding safety training for your crews, we can help. We'll assist you and your employees in getting certified to work on various types of movable and immovable structures.

Contact Us for All Your Cuplock Scaffolding Needs

To learn more about the many benefits of Cuplock scaffolding or to discuss your project requirements, call International Equipment, Inc. at 1-800-675-3231 today or contact us online for a free quote.