Debris Chutes

Construction sites can create and accumulate large quantities of debris. Pieces of concrete, insulation and discarded roofing materials represent just a few of the objects that can clutter a worksite. Debris chutes offer a convenient, practical and safe disposal solution.

Debris chutes can be traditional are large tubes installed at a higher level of a structure and extend to a dumpster on the ground. They can also be designed using IE’s system scaffold and plywood when traditional chutes are less preferred.  Either This design enables workers to dump trash and discarded items into the chute and allow the force of gravity to do the rest

What Are the Advantages of Using Debris Chutes?

Debris chutes offer a host of valuable benefits:

●      Keeps the job site tidier, which enables crews to work more productively and safely

●      Saves time by eliminating the need to carry debris manually to a dumping site

●      Prevents injuries caused by workers carrying heavy objects down several flights of stairs

●      Offers a practical disposal solution for multilevel structures with doors at each floor level



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Safety Always Comes First at IE

We recognize that working at heights presents several safety hazards for workers and pedestrians. All the work we do adheres to the most stringent quality and safety standards. The impressive safety record we've accumulated over the years speaks to our unwavering commitment to protecting everyone involved in a project.

Safety training is another prominent focus area at IE. We'll help your crews meet certification requirements for working on mobile and immovable structures. Your workers will know how to use debris chutes and other equipment safely, which gives you additional peace of mind.

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