Welcome to International Equipment's media and resource page.  Located below are documents for some of the equipment we carry. This page is intended as an overview of some of the products and resources available, please contact our office for additional information.

Built up Scaffolding

System Scaffold

Frame Scaffold


Sidewalk Canopy Scaffold

Utility Scaffold


  • Extensive Scaffolding Inventory
  • Standard & High Capacity Shoring
  • Frames width / height from 2' ft.-8' ft.
  • HD Canopy Frames
  • Aluminum, Steel and Wood decking
  • Engineered Scaffold Designs

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Canopy Frame 6'W

Post Shore AS350, AS550



Suspended Scaffold Platforms

Altrex Equipment

MHB60 Platform

Altrex Platform Accessories

MHB80 (up to 19M platform)

  • Most innovative suspended platform
  • Specialty applications
  • Easy to assemble
  • Global leader of suspended equipment
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • Custom made/Special orders

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Altrex Special Platforms

Two Tier Stage


Swing Stage Rigging

Rigging Accessories

Davit/Tie Backs

Specialized Rigging

Custom Platforms


  • Trade Specific applications
  • Fast Fullfilment
  • UL suspended equipment
  • State of the art manufacturing
  • Industry Tested
  • Made in the USA
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Swing Stage Hoists

Bisomac Model


210 with overload


  • Light weight, Compact design,
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low voltage 208 power
  • Air powered hoists available
  • 35 feet per minute lifting speed
  • Voltage meter at hoist controls
  • Reliable operation
  • Capacities from 1,000 lbs. to 1,500 lbs.
  • Material hoist configurations
Bisomac 210

Material Hoists by Beta Max

Hoist Modes   (capacity)

Gemini Plus (600-1,200 lbs.)

Leo XXL (1,000-2,000 lbs.)

Leo XXL VFD (variable speed)

Maxial (450 lbs. specialty hoist)

Scorpio Plus XL (400 lbs.)

  • Hoists available in 110 & 220 Volt power
  • Fast lifting speeds up to 80 fpm
  • Soft start variable frequency drive
  • Ultra Dependable
  • Easy to Install
  • Safely hoist from 450 to 2,000 lbs.
  • Leo XXL can hoist up to 400 ft.
  • Many mounting options & accessories
Beta Max Leo

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Beta Max VFD in the News

Maxial Hoist Specs & Rigging




OZ Lifting Products

OZ Lifting Products Hoists

OBH 500  (500 lbs. capacity)

OBH 1000 (1,000 lbs. capacity)

  • 110 volt Power available
  • UP to 90 feet per minute lifting speed
  • Simple installation
  • Safe Reliable operation
  • Balanced Compact design
  • Remote Controlled


OZ lifting products builders hoist

Optional pipe mount bracket for OBH hoist



Tractel Hoists


TR 10   (220-440 lbs. capacity)

TR 30   (600-1,200 lbs. capacity)

TR 30S  (660-1320 lbs. capacity)

  • 110 Volt  &  220 Volt
  • Single and two part line kits
  • Unlimited wire rope length
  • Reliable operation
  • Tiraks best selling hoist line
  • 240 lbs to 1,320 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Versatile rigging capabilities
Tractel minifor 10-30
MiniforTR30 S

Scaffold Resources

Rules & Regulations


Safety Requirements for Scaffolding
OSHA 1910.28

Walking/working surfaces


Safety and Health Regulations for Construction - Scaffolds
OSHA Part 1926 Subpart L
This subpart applies to all scaffolds used in workplaces covered by this part. It does not apply to crane or derrick suspended personnel platforms, which are covered by 1926.550(g). Note-The criteria for aerial lifts are set out exclusively in 1926.453.


Safety and Health Regulations for Construction Fall Protection
OSHA Part 1926 Subpart M
This subpart sets forth requirements and criteria
for fall protection in construction workplaces covered under 29CFR part 1926

Additional Resources

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Welding from a Swing Stage

Wind Speeds and Swing Stages

Wire Rope Care and Handling




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