Restoration Scaffolding Services

Does your business handle renovations of historically, culturally or religiously significant buildings? Do you restore residential or commercial structures that have experienced substantial storm damage?

These projects often require working at heights, creating the need for high-quality, safe scaffolding equipment that you'll find at International Equipment, Inc. Our Crete, Illinois, company has been supplying the best scaffolding products for rent in Chicago and beyond since 1998. You'll find everything you require for a wide range of restoration applications.


church restoration scaffolding pictured for a vaulted church ceiling - International Equipment

24/7 Support and Adaptability That Larger Companies Can't Deliver

At IE, we recognize that major storm damage to a building requires immediate attention. We're available around the clock to provide fast scaffolding rentals for restoration work that can't wait. We're a mid-size company that's more agile and responsive than our larger competitors. We can provide a prompt on-site consultation to assess your equipment needs and make informed recommendations. We'll also deliver your scaffolding quickly and supply labor for assembling it if needed.

If you're planning a renovation project for a historical building or church, we will work with you to develop a custom scaffolding solution. We can modify any of our rentals to your specifications, something that many other scaffolding contractors are unable or unwilling to do. Take advantage of our 3D and virtual and augmented reality design capabilities to see what the equipment will look like after installation.

Our Popular Scaffolding Materials for Rent church restoration with scaffolding - aerial view shot from a drone

Our vast array of scaffolding rentals enables IE to meet any restoration project requirement. We offer the following options:

No matter which equipment type you rent, you'll have access to a full complement of support services. We're available to help with project planning to ensure you choose the right scaffolding and integrate it seamlessly into your work processes. We can also expedite the acquisition of permits so you can avoid costly delays. And with our OSHA-compliant safety training certifications, your crews can get qualified to work on movable and immovable structures. You'll have fewer concerns about work site accidents or potentially costly safety violations.

We're Experienced With Church and Historic Building Restoration

During our more than 20 years in business, IE has developed a reputation as one of the leading restoration scaffolding companies in Chicago. We recognize the unique challenges that contractors face when renovating churches and older buildings. These structures are often fragile, which requires careful consideration when choosing equipment that minimizes the risk of damage. We'll call upon our experience to recommend the best solution for your unique project requirements.

church restoration with scaffolding from International Equipment - close in view, drone footage

Request a Quote and Learn More About Our Industry Experience

If you're looking for trustworthy scaffolding contractors near you for your next restoration project in the Chicago area, International Equipment, Inc. is ready to help. We invite you to contact us to discuss your project and learn more about our industry experiences. We'll also provide a free, transparent quote.