Scaffolding Designed Specifically for Energy Plants

Electric plants and other power generation facilities contain towering structures that require periodic maintenance and repair work. If you operate energy plants in or around Chicago, International Equipment, Inc. can provide an assortment of scaffolding equipment for rent that enables your crew to complete these tasks efficiently and safely.

IE is a full-service scaffolding company founded in 1998. During our more than 20 years in business, we've established a stellar reputation for offering high-quality equipment that solves challenging problems for our customers. We support every product with exceptional service, which separates us from the other scaffolding contractors in the Chicago area.

Why Choose Us?

Many companies opt for IE for their power station scaffolding because of our ability to customize our products. We can tailor our equipment to meet your unique project requirements. You'll also benefit from our one-stop shop — we have everything you need, which means you won't have to waste time and effort working with multiple suppliers.

Another reason to select us is our impressive safety record. We make safety the top priority when designing and building our equipment and advising our customers. We also offer OSHA-compliant training that certifies your crews to work on movable and immovable structures.

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24/7 Support and Adaptability That Larger Companies Can't Deliver

As a mid-size business, we're more agile and responsive than our larger competitors. We're available around the clock to handle any electric plant scaffolding emergency that arises. We can also make adjustments on the fly, even if it means coming to your site in the middle of a project to modify your rental equipment.

We Provide Scaffolding and Engineering Services for the Midwest U.S.

Our convenient location in Crete, Illinois, enables us to offer scaffolding for power plants in Chicago and other cities and towns throughout the Midwest. We're poised to deliver fast, reliable service whenever and wherever you need it.

Our Services and Scaffolding Rentals

With our full range of power station scaffolding products, you're sure to find the right equipment for your applications. Our selection includes the following scaffold setups and additions:

We also offer value-added services:

  • Free on-site consultations to assess your project and product requirements
  • Informed scaffolding equipment recommendations based on our years of energy industry experience and expertise
  • Project planning assistance to help you integrate your rentals into your work processes
  • Engineering and design services to ensure the equipment meets your specifications
  • Pickup and delivery of all materials
  • Help with navigating the cumbersome, time-consuming permit acquisition process
  • Access to well-qualified, experienced labor for installing, modifying and dismantling your scaffolding
  • Advanced 3D, augmented and virtual reality design capabilities to allow you to envision the fully installed equipment
church restoration with scaffolding from International Equipment - close in view, drone footage

Request a Quote and Learn More About Our Industry Experience

The next time you're looking to rent safe, reliable power plant scaffolding in the Chicago area, get in touch with International Equipment, Inc. Contact us for more information and a free quote.