Primary Industries We Serve

As the leader among industrial scaffolding companies in the Chicago area and across the Midwest, International Equipment, Inc. offers superior scaffolding rental solutions for your business. Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality, commercial-grade scaffolding equipment that allows our customers to work safely and productively at heights. Our committed team will be responsive to your needs and do everything possible to ensure you get the right product for your projects.

Our Industrial and Commercial Scaffolding Rental Options

Unlike most other commercial scaffolding companies in the region, IE has the equipment and resources to handle all your rental needs in one place. We recognize that every job is unique. We'll rely on our more than 20 years of experience to recommend the best solution for your specialized requirements.

Our array of scaffolding rental options includes:

  • Cuplock scaffoldingThis galvanized multipurpose steel scaffold system offers the ideal combination of strength, flexibility and simplicity. It's also one of the fastest and easiest scaffolds to install, saving you time and effort at the job site.
  • Debris chutesConsider renting debris chutes if you must remove discarded materials from rooftops or other elevated locations. These large, sturdy tubes extend to a ground-level dumpster, offering a fast, convenient waste disposal solution.
  • Frame scaffoldingThis scaffolding type is a preferred choice of general construction contractors due to its sturdy design, affordability and quick, easy assembly and disassembly. It provides a safe, stable platform for workers and their materials and can adapt to accommodate ladders or walk-through configurations.
  • Swing stageA swing stage is well suited for window washing and restoration projects due to its versatility and flexibility. It's ideal for reaching areas inaccessible to other forms of scaffolding or aerial work platforms such as scissor lifts or telescopic boom lifts.
  • Material hoistsA material hoist uses a chain or rope that wraps around a wheel or drum to lift a hook holding a heavy object. Hoists enable you to get items where you need them in a single move, saving time and providing more control of your workflow.
  • Stair towersStair towers allow workers at multilevel structures to reach work platforms installed at various heights. They make the scaffolding safer and easier to navigate and provide an easily accessible escape route during an emergency. These towers also offer the versatility to run in several directions if needed.
  • ShoringOur shoring equipment rentals provide support for walls at excavation sites to prevent collapses and cave-ins. They're also useful for holding up above-ground structures such as columns, beams, roofs and floors.
  • Perimeter protectionFall prevention is a crucial safety concern at any job site that requires working at heights. It's also essential for meeting stringent OSHA standards. We offer modular guard rail panels for rent that provide a passive fall prevention solution. Netting is another option for protecting workers and people on the ground from falling tools or debris.
  • Protective canopiesInstalling canopies on sidewalks surrounding an elevated construction site protects passersby and reduces the contractor's or building owner's liability exposure.

Our Scaffolding Solutions and Industries We Serve

Our industrial and commercial scaffolding products meet the needs of companies in a wide range of industries, including:

  • General contractors: Contractors that are in charge of multistory construction projects can benefit from several types of scaffolding equipment. For instance, frame scaffolding serves as a safe elevated platform when working at heights, and material hoists provide an efficient solution when moving materials between floors. Debris chutes allow for the fast disposal of broken chunks of concrete and other waste.
  • Restoration: Working on older buildings or those that have experienced significant storm or weather damage requires extra care. Swing stages are perfect for these applications, as they offer excellent versatility, flexibility and maximum ease of use. Stair towers provide the advantage of accessibility when renovating structures consisting of multiple floors.
  • Industrial applications: Many industrial projects require scaffolding with a high level of adaptability and safety. Our cuplock scaffolding rentals are ideal for high-rise buildings and other industrial applications due to their multipurpose steel construction and quick installation and disassembly. IE can also provide the best perimeter protection solution for your unique operating environment.
  • Energy plants: We have the right scaffolding equipment for working at heights in nuclear power plants, energy-from-waste plants and other types of power generation facilities. We can also produce scaffolding rentals for maintenance projects at oil and gas refineries, coal processing plants and other energy industry-related applications.
  • Window washing: Window washers often spend the bulk of their day working at elevation. Swing stages are a popular choice for window washing businesses, siding contractors and others who need maximum maneuverability. Workers can suspend these systems from the roof of a building and raise and lower them quickly to access multiple floors with ease.

Why Choose Us?

International Equipment, Inc. is proud to be your one-stop scaffolding company in Chicago and beyond. Besides renting high-quality industrial and commercial scaffolding equipment, we deliver a wide assortment of value-added services. Free job site visits are available to enable us to assess your needs and recommend the right product for the job. We're one of the few industrial scaffolding companies that implement this consultative approach to serving our customers. We also provide 24/7 emergency service — we'll always be there when you need us.

We can supply the labor to construct, modify and disassemble your scaffolding, removing the burden from your shoulders. We'll also assist with picking up materials and obtaining permits. We recognize the importance of safety instruction for protecting your workers and meeting regulatory requirements, so we offer OSHA certification training that enables you to work on movable and immovable structures and stay compliant with all relevant safety regulations.

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Learn more about what separates IE from the other scaffolding companies in the Chicago area. Contact us when it's time for your next industrial or commercial scaffolding rental. We'll be happy to come to your site for a consultation and provide a free quote.