All Your Scaffolding Needs

International Equipment, Inc. is a leading supplier and installer of high-quality scaffold equipment that enables your crews to work productively and safely at heights.  Wherever you need your scaffolding to take you International Equipment has the right equipment for your project.

Servicing all of the Midwest, International Equipment responds quickly to the needs of our customers, even during emergencies. We are a devoted team committed to providing the right product for your project with a personal touch that many larger competitors cannot match. We come to your job site for a free consultation, meet your team and gain a better understanding of your requirements. With your criteria and our years of experience, we can recommend a solution engineered for safety, productivity that’s right for you. With International Equipment, all of your scaffolding needs are handled. We offer designs in augmented or virtual reality as well as 3D allowing you to see your design as it will appear when installed.  You won’t pay for estimator’s guess work or extra rental charges for equipment you don’t need.  Parts lists and installation costs are accurate with our estimating systems. With our resources and extensive inventory of equipment we are able to provide you with a variety of options to buy or rent.  From project planning and installation of equipment to rigorous safety standards and training, International Equipment is there for you from start to finish.

You Can Depend on IE

We offer the following types of scaffolding

  • Cuplock Scaffold: Admired for its strength and versatility this hot dipped galvanized system scaffold is suitable for general access and vertical load applications.  The innovative locking node design allows up to four horizontals to be connected to a single vertical member making it one of the fastest, safest scaffold systems available.
  • Debris chutes: Our specially designed chutes enable workers to dump debris quickly and efficiently. They eliminate the need for your crews to manually carry objects away from an area for disposal, which saves time and labor.
  • Fall prevention: Health and job site safety is of paramount importance. Whether you need temporary guard rail panels, fall protection, fall prevention or safety netting IE has high quality, adaptable systems to keep your project in compliance.
  • Frame Scaffold: IE carries American made steel sectional, narrow sectional, walk-through and canopy frame styles.  Our range of components include side arm brackets, outriggers, trusses from 7' to 28 ft., aluminum and steel planking lengths from 2'-10' ft.
  • Material Hoist: IE provides electric hoists and material handling equipment for loads from 200 lbs. to 3,000 lbs. Hoists can speed up material flows, increase safety and maximize worker productivity.
  • Shoring: This equipment is intended to provide temporary support of structures during restorations or alterations. Our inventory includes 20K frames, High capacity post shores, needle beam shoring and wall bracing.
  • Sidewalk Canopy: Canopies are designed to protect pedestrians, vehicles or building structures while contractors are working above. Canopies can also be designed to span large areas or vary in size and capacity from a traditional sidewalk canopy.
  • Stair Tower: Allow your workers to access multiple levels of a site.  Use them as standalone equipment or integrate them into an existing scaffold. IE’s equipment allows for maximum flexibility to meet our customer’s needs.  Stair designs include several standard layout dimensions, stairs that run in the same or opposite directions to high capacity stairs systems.
  • Swing Stage: Swing stages are simple to setup & modify, cost-effective and provide safe access solutions to many trades that work at height. Whether you need a standard swing stage, or an industry-specific platform designed for confined spaces, two-tier applications or require high loading capacities, IE’s experienced staff, and extensive product inventory has a platform to meet your criteria.
  • Utility Scaffold: Cross bracing fits under the platform which allows Baker scaffold towers to move over machines, cabinets, and other obstacles. IE’s complete system of maintenance scaffolds are easy to set up and dismantle and requires No tools to assemble.

Our Experience

IE has years of experience helping customers access their work safety and efficiently, so they meet their objectives. As a full-service equipment provider, we do much more than providing scaffolding. We lend our expertise to the planning phase of your project to ensure you have the latest information to guarantee the best possible outcome. We specialize in all types of scaffolds, protection canopies, material handling hoists, swing stage and material monorail systems, debris chutes, debris containment, fall protection equipment, guard rail safety systems, and mast climber work platform installations.  In addition, we can pick up and deliver equipment and materials for you, saving time and effort. If you don't have the manpower to install your scaffolding, we can provide professional, experienced labor to handle the assembly and disassembly. Do you need a lift or aerial boom, we can provide that too.

Safety training is one of our highest priorities. We will train your crews on how to protect against use scaffold safely, know the best methods for erecting and dismantling the scaffold and handling materials at various heights. Our training can help your crews earn certification to work on movable and immovable scaffold structures. Training is available on your site or at our office throughout the year.

Contact IE for Your Next Project

The next time you have a project that requires scaffolding equipment, call the experts at International Equipment, Inc. at 1-800-675-3231. Feel free to contact us online for more information.